Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hang in there -

My newest giveaway will be up later today! I'm just waiting on a little bit of extra info.

I made veggie burgers last night, inspired by Dairy Free Betty, in turn inspired by OhSheGlows. I followed the original recipe, except that I didn't have pepitas on hand so left those out. I used a tin of mixed beans because for some reason we were out of chick peas (how did that happen?!). And I made six burger-sized patties instead of eight small ones. They were pretty yummy and easy! I liked that they were baked - no oil at all. We had them on cheese buns with guacamole, cucumber, tomato and cheddar, with a side of steamed asparagus with toasted sesame seeds. The leftover cooked patties are in the freezer, ready to toss into wraps or buns when we need a quick dinner.

My husband is still deeply in love with the cashew burgers I make from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, though. (The recipe is online, here!) They are just as easy and the cashews really add a wonderful texture and flavour to the patties. The trouble is, the recipe contains an egg. I'm still deciding how to get around that. I guess I should just try it with 1 Tbsp ground flax to 3 Tbsp water as a substitute and see how it goes. What I'm worried about is that the egg really acts as a sticky binder in this recipe, and I'm not sure how well the flax mix will bind things together. By the way, I know I've mentioned it before, but this is such a great cookbook if you are looking to increase your meatless meals or otherwise find some new vegetarian recipes. It's HUGE and is kind of like a Joy of Cooking for vegetarians - that thorough. There hasn't been one recipe that we've tried that we haven't liked, and some are now among our favourites. Plus it's really reasonably priced. I got my copy for Christmas three years ago and it's on regular rotation. I was shocked to find out it was under $30 (not on Bittman's site - try Amazon or Chapters for the good prices!).

Meanwhile, here are some other blogs' giveaways to keep you going. Wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their giveaway fix!

For baby:
For the ladies:
For anyone:
  • Win a $100 gift certificate to Threadless Tees at Bargain Moose. Open to Canadians only! Ends January 22nd.
  • Win a $25 gift certificate to EcoStore USA at The Ahoteiloa Family blog. Ends January 22nd.
  • Another chance to win a $25 gift certificate to EcoStore USA at Eco-Cheap Mom. Ends January 25th. (I recently won this prize at My Silly Monkeys, so I'm not entering these ones - I'll let you know what I think of the products once I get them!)
  • Win an item of your choice from Bored, Inc. (kawaii!) at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls. Ends January 22nd.
  • Today is Giveaway Day at Save Money in Winnipeg. A giveaway each hour! Open to Canadians only!

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... It just sank in that today is my due date from the first lost pregnancy.


  1. I use the flax seed and water substitute in baking, and it hasn't failed me yet. Back when I was Vegan, I used to use something called Ener-G Egg Replacer. It was hard to find, but worth a shot! Hope that helps. :)

  2. Sounds very yummy. I always have trouble with burgers. They seem to always fall apart.


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