Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last night I had a dream that my husband and I were swimming in a river, against the current, and we'd been doing it for days. We were soaked and exhausted, but we kept going. I kept getting pulled under by the current, but we were making progress.

Some great metaphor for what we've been going through, or just randomness from my sleeping brain? I think I prefer tv star dreams.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway for SkinMD Natural Shielding Lotion. Odds are good, because for some crazy reason there are only 49 entries to date. I really like this stuff and I think you should definitely enter to win some! Do eet! (okay, funny accents are not as funny written out)

While you're at it, enter my Glade giveaway, too. I know you want a bottle of wine, candles, a giant delicious cookie and a reed diffuser. This is one heck of an awesome prize for one of my Canadian readers. On the down side for me, since I haven't figured out how to number comments yet, I'll be counting a lot of entries :) Don't worry, I always count twice to be sure I get the right commenter when picks a winner!

I'm baking an eggless lemon loaf today. I LOVE baking but going eggless has me scrambling (ha! Sorry) to update recipes (read more about why I'm doing it here). I've made the muffins I showed you earlier twice this month already (DH says they're the BEST muffins I make! Despite his skepticism about going egg free!). I always feel like recipes are more like suggestions anyway - I rarely measure perfectly, add things in and substitute at will.

The lemon loaf recipe I use is from the Company's Coming Muffins & More cookbook - it makes a loaf that is so lemony good. It has a lemon glaze on top, is sweet yet tart, moist and rich... it's delicious. I kind of scoffed at this cookbook when someone gave it to me about 12 years ago - but it's turned out to be a must in my muffin-loving kitchen. It has cheesy quotes, but unbeatable recipes. This loaf, several muffins, and the best cheese bisuits make frequent appearances on our table. I recommend it - the recipes are straightforward and generally awesome.

I didn't want little flecky bits like the flax/water combo gives, so I'm trying a new thing... blended tofu (1/4 cup per egg in the recipe, put through the blender). I didn't have soft tofu, so I'm using medium firm. I'm really hoping the tofu sub will be perfectly unnoticeable. We'll see!

Some other giveaways for today, which I recommend entering after you've entered mine ;) -

For baby:
For the ladies:

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  1. Just thought I'd let you know, after reading your SkinMD review, I went on their site and ordered a sample of the shielding lotion. I've been using it on my face for two days now and it makes my skin so much softer! I have issues in that my skin tends to get irritated and inflamed easily, which prompts me to pick at it, which in turn makes things even worse. Now that I've started using the lotion, I've noticed that I don't get the nasty sore spots anymore, so I don't have the urge to pick and the old wounds are healing nicely... Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks!


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