Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad tail day (with arghs and ughs).

I like my new Injinji Performance Toesocks. I won them over at Jamie's Precious Peas. I like my toes to have their own personal space.Cadbury likes them, too. Until he thought about it and realized that his toes are unlikely to ever have their own personal space. Then he had a small sad moment.I DON'T like how our fitted sheets don't fit our pillowtop mattress. Yes, we checked the size on the package before we bought. They were supposed to fit. They did - until I washed them. Now I fight with the #@* sheet every time I put them back on the bed. No matter how hard I tug, they will never reach all four corners. Argh!My in-laws have a great Jack Russell terrier (he is full of personality - I love him) that has sad tail days. Days when he's just not happy enough to wag. I'm having one of those. Despite the fun and colourful socks. It's rainy and grey (in January, that's just wrong for where I live - it should be snowing), which doesn't help. I had a fitful sleep and then woke early. I have a class tonight until 10pm and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through it. It's not a specific thing that's making me sad, just a general sense of hopelessness that has been hanging around for a couple of days.



  1. Me too :(

    But I start classes tomorrow, I hope all of this does not turn into ice

  2. I'm feeling the same sense of hopelessness today too. Must be the weather. It had been raining here (in Minnesota...odd for us too) for the last three days and today it switched to snow. Our streets are AWESOME right now. haha

  3. Same here. I've been feeling down for no particular reason lately.. and the fact that my 20 month old boy has been having some sort of nasty stomach flu over the past day and a half hasn't helped, either. I've never seen vomit and diarrhea of such magnitude and nastiness before. Oh the joy of doing laundry and giving him a bath at 2 am! :( Now I'm feeling nauseous, too. Oh well, enough about me.. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Just seeing a dog makes my grey days better. Those are some pretty cute socks. :D I hope your tail wags soon.

  5. Sorry to hear you're feeling sad...this crazy weather sure doesn't help. It's rainy and windy here too...and totally not seasonal for us either (I'm in Québec). Tomorrow's another day...feel better soon ((()))...that's a cyber-hug


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