Monday, December 7, 2009

Yep, feels like Monday.

It's a grey, dreary day, I've got cramps in a bad way and the dog's been sneaking into the kitchen again (where he's not allowed) - as evidenced by the trail of drips from his wet face as he foolishly had a drink immediately prior.

Did I mention that on Friday, when we were out at the party, he snuck in there, pulled a loaf of bread off the counter, un-wrapped it and ate the whole thing?

He's got a thing for bread.

We love him, but he sure is trouble sometimes.

I've got to go get the last (hopefully) of my blood work done today. Last Monday my BHCG level was at 9 and the doctor wants it to drop below 5. So this week I hope I can put the ectopic pregnancy firmly in the past. Time marches on... I'm waiting for it to march into February so we can actually start trying again. I have to say I am so sick of needles. I really feel for people who need ongoing blood work or injections.

I started a Facebook fan page for my artwork - my husband's idea - and I think it's kind of weird to do that. I'm so not into self-promotion. Yes, I see the irony - here I am letting you know... Now that it's up, it's kind of embarrassing that I only have 4 fans: myself, my husband, my SIL and a friend!

And as usual, some giveaways... there's mine, too, for the tea (go on and enter, if you haven't!)

For baby:
For the home:
  • The first 100 respondents each month can get a Randomness of Six kit which includes six of Earth Friendly Products top sellers. (I have a feeling December's are already spoken for, but bookmark this for January!


  1. My dog LOVES my chocolate soy milk. He's been known to stick his snout in my glass and slurp it all up.

  2. If I was on Facebook I would totally join! But I left after I realized I didn't want some people from elementary school friending me. And I felt too ackward to say no.


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