Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travelling and waiting

So, we're going on a trip this weekend, heading down to the States with my brother and sister in law for some shopping and sight-seeing. The dollar's nearly at par, and we're in need of some new clothes. Today, for instance, I'm wearing a t-shirt that had bleach spilled on it. Not in an artsy, funky way - just in a ruined shirt way. Classy. Definitely time for some new clothes.

This is definitely not a regular expedition for us - I think the last time I went to the US exclusively for shopping was in the eighties, as a kid, with my mum and dad! So it will be fun to see if we can get some deals. I have heard that Pennsylvania's the place to go, and someone else recommended Detroit for outlet shopping, but it wasn't me planning this trip and so we're going a little further afield, to hit the Arundel Mills mall. Anyone been there? I hope it's good.

As for me, I'm getting more and more anxious to have some closure on this miscarriage. I know I talk about it a lot (boring right?!) but it's pretty much on my mind all the time. I know that this is going to end that way (it's not just a feeling - the HCG levels aren't rising properly, and there are other clear indicators that this is going to terminate), but my body keeps trying to convince me otherwise. My body is pregnant and keeps reminding me that it is. The more pregnant I feel, the more that hope creeps in - which is bad, because I know I should absolutely not get my hopes up. There is no chance this pregnancy will result in a baby. So the longer this goes on, the more painful it's going to be both emotionally and physically.

Yet, there seems to be very little help for me from the medical professionals at this point. The earliest ultrasound I could get was for next Monday (and results take up to a week). My family doctor is referring me to an OB (as of last Friday) but I haven't heard from them yet (though I've been calling to try to rush things along). Meanwhile, each day that passes is another day wasted, another day of spotting, another day of useless pregnancy nausea and sore boobs. Another day of over the top hormonal emotions. Another day of the slight pains and cramping. Another day of futile growth that will have to go - and the more growth, the more pain when it does go.

So to me, and my husband as he is dealing with it too, this is urgent. And incredibly frustrating.

Anyway. There's my whining for today (I saved up from yesterday ;) )
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  1. Hi, I just read your comment on Baby Makin(g) Machine about being in the TTC group. Me too! Your situation about this m/c does not sound like fun. I just have my first m/c with my first pregnancy last month. There were only 4 days from when the spotting started to when the m/c actually happened....and only one day after my doctor confirmed it. I'll be thinking of you and hoping you get some closure soon.

  2. Oh man, all that feeling pregnant and not getting any help from the medical professionals must be so frustrating! I hope they get back to you soon. And no, it's not boring. Maybe getting away for the weekend will take your mind off of things. My hubby and I go down to Niagara Falls, NY (the closest US outlet mall) around this time every year and it's always exciting to get in on some great deals.


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