Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You know it's going to be a good day when...

...the espresso machine reaches the magical and elusive optimum point that creates perfectly steamed milk for the morning cafe latte.

I adore my Krups machine (it's mine, all mine - DH is allergic to coffee - can you imagine?!), but it does have its issues. It requires special finesse (and a ribbon, my low-tech solution) to keep the tubing for the overflow water going into the reservoir and not all over my kitchen counter. It doesn't shut off the steamer properly when you turn the dial, and you have to wiggle the dial to make it stop blowing hot steam everywhere. The steamer doesn't always make perfect steamed milk with the thick foam I love (though that may be more a milk issue, if it's not the perfect temperature to start out, or if it's a day or two past its prime).

But I love it. I use it every single day (well, aside from the couple of months during my ill-fated pregnancy, when I had an aversion to coffee). I'm drinking decaf these days but it's still amazing thanks to my Krups machine. And today's latte is perfect. Yay!

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