Friday, July 3, 2009


This last week... wasn't really where I wanted my blog to go - the journal thing, I mean. Sorry about the online venting. Some things just needed to come out!

So I'm making brownies, and thinking about getting on with things, and to start here are just a couple giveaways. I'm sticking with the mum & baby theme. I'm gonna be there one day :)

For baby:
For the ladies:


  1. I've been busy lately and just finally got a chance to catch up on reading your blog. I just wanted to say that I am really sorry about your loss. I hope things are getting better for you with each passing day and that soon your dreams will finally come true! You are such a kind and caring person and definitely don't deserve this kind of heartache. And you don't need to apologize about the venting. It can definitely be therapeutic, so why not take advantage of this medium..

    On a side note, you weren't using the Midwifery Services of Durham by any chance, were you? They took care of me during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period and I found them to be great (thanks to them I was able to have my baby naturally at home) and I would highly recommend them. I just thought I'd ask, because I know they have admitting privileges at the Markham-Stouffville hospital..

  2. Thanks so much... I actually have been amazed at the number of kind comments and people contacting me to send a message of support.

    I was actually signed up with the Uxbridge Community Midwives - I live in between Durham and Uxbridge, and being a relatively new practice they had room for me. Based on my short experience with them I was really happy with their care and the amount of time they were happy to spend with me answering questions and just providing all the information I wanted. What a stark contrast to the doctor's office where the (female) doctor was abrupt and unsympathetic.

    Anyway things are getting easier to take day by day for me, hopefully soon (once I'm fully recovered) we'll be pregnant again!


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