Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I need baby shower help!

Okay, as you may know (because I keep going on about it), I have SEVEN ridiculously pregnant friends who I need to come up with baby shower gifts for. And I hate baby registries! I've made one baby quilt and crocheted one baby blanket, so I have two gifts ready to go, but that leaves a lot of gifts. So I wanted to ask if anyone has some ideas.

What's the best gift you received for your little one? Something practical like clothes, washcloths, bottles and wipes, or something not so practical, like a mobile or wall art? I like making quilts, but I know that you can't use them in the crib so is that really a useful gift?

Or maybe something for a new mom to help her out? I have no idea what that might be - nipple cream? A sleep mask for those elusive daytime naps? A nursing cover?

Last question, how the heck am I going to get through the baby showers without utterly breaking down and bawling in the middle of at least one of them? I have only told one of the girls (my closest friend) about our pregnancy loss, and I'm not planning on bringing it up with the other girls. Talk about awkward and embarrassing.... if I just start bawling in the middle of happy-baby-time. :(


  1. If you want something very practical, sleepsacks are a great gift. I have given them and I have received them as a gift. You don't need to worry about covers in the crib and the sleepsacks keep them at a good temperature while being nice and comfortable. On another note, they also help prevent their little legs getting caught in the crib once they start moving around more.

  2. I've had two showers and though I can't pick out the best gift - because I really liked them all, I did use the baby quilt I received for Chloe and the knitted blanket I received for John. Chloe used her quilt on the floor to play on and now uses it to sleep with. John loves his knitted blanket and from the day of the shower on (about 6 wks) it is the only blanket he slept with. Hand made is something very special! I also love baby clothes :) The most useful item I have now that John is eating in a highchair and I have a two year old....my wet/dry dustbuster (about $40+/- at Canadian Tire). It might cause people to talk but I guarantee she will appreciated it down the road LOL.

    I was one of the ones who was pregnant when two of my friends lost their babies. They sent gifts and regards to my shower but had 'prior commitments' that evening. I completely understood. It's tough and if you aren't sure, go for part and duck out if you need to. Your needs and comfort factor come first here!

  3. This is a hard one. The best gift we got was our pre-fold diapers off our registry. My favorite of all our baby stuff is our carrier, but you never know with people what kind of carrier they will like.

    With our son we got a few gifts. I really apprecaited getting clothes in 12 month or 18 month. It is fun to imagine that the baby will never fit in it. People give so much baby stuff it is nice to get something for when they are older.

    I think it is going to be very tough to get through those showers. Make sure you have some treats for yourself. Like that chocolate you mentioned.:-)

  4. Hm. Well, I was a totally new mom with my baby, so I really appreciated the practical stuff that I didn't have a clue existed (such as pacifier keepers, little baskets for the dishwasher, and an extra bag of those plastic links). Another super practical gift is a plastic booster seat (I like the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat.) A lot of moms don't even know it, but you really don't need a high chair... just this booster. I see you like Etsy and I think there are lots of nice things there, too...

  5. Easy. Some muslin swaddling cloths, which my mother sent from Australia. Only after I had used them and went looking for something similar to give to pregnant friends here (in the US) did I realize ...they aren't to be found here! But wait...a girl I know through mutual friends who had the same experience as me, but a whole lot more entrepreneurial tendency, has just started up her own company. I just looked at the sight myself yesterday (www.koalakuddles.com), and am truly not trying to plug her business, but am just so happy that I'll now have a source for what I personally found to be my all-time favorite baby item after having 2 kids.


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