Friday, June 26, 2009


I am in a bit of a panic here. Something big has been happening in our lives and something scary has been happening to me in the last few days. I called Telehealth Ontario this morning and the nurse said I should see my doctor 'within the next 4 hours'. I was calling for reassurance and what I got was WORRY! And now I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open so I can call and try to make an appointment (they are notorious for overbooking and being too busy).

I'm freaking out and my husband is away from his desk at work so I can't even talk to him. So I'm venting here... sorry about the vagueness, I think some of you might know or guess what I'm talking about but otherwise I will say no more...

I also had to postpone a client meeting this morning because of this, not good for business.


I have my fingers crossed that I'm stressing over nothing and will be told it's all okay - but that's what I was hoping when I called Telehealth too!



  1. oh I am so sorry, hugs. It suck waiting, and worrying. I hope everything is ok.

  2. Everything will probably be fine, but it is a good idea to see your doctor. If, for whatever reason, they can't see you maybe you could try a walk-in.
    I'll be thinking about you! Let us know what happens.

  3. Hope everything is okay. Praying for you.


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