Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The chiropractor.

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So today I have a chiropractor appointment, and grocery shopping to do. Also high on my priority list is watching last Sunday's True Blood episode which I haven't seen yet! Although I may do that tomorrow evening since DH will be out playing softball.

I have been seeing the chiropractor (because it's free under DH's work benefits) for several months now. And honestly I think it does absolutely nothing for me. She uses this machine (the "Pro-Adjuster") to adjust my spine and also my tense shoulder muscles. Sometimes I am sore after but it doesn't seem to loosen anything up, and I am still getting tension headaches. I would definitely not be going if it weren't free - and I'm still thinking it's just a big waste of my time. Have you seen a chiropractor? Has it helped, or maybe not?

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  1. We watched True Blood tonight and it was awesome!

    I did see the chiroprator when my daughter was breech. Don't know if it helped or not. She did turn but it but not have been because of that.


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