Monday, May 4, 2009

Rollercoasters and deliciousness

I had such a fun weekend! Let me start by saying the Behemoth (the giant new roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland) is AWESOME. We went on twice and honestly I would rather have done that one all day long than any of the other rides. So fun, a smooth ride, three+ minutes of exhilarating speed! So I am thrilled to learn that I am not too old for roller coasters, after all.

After that, we took our friend (who's from out west, only in town for a little while) to one of our favourite restaurants. The restaurant is Fresh, down on Queen West in Toronto. It's vegan - if you've ever thought vegan or vegetarian food sounds boring or unsatisfying, get yourself to Fresh for an education. Their food is simply amazing, I highly recommend it. And if you go, save room for the carrot cake - it won't disappoint.

Two things were unfortunate about the day, though. One: we were on Flight Deck (another coaster) and the ride was delayed. We'd finished our ride and were sitting in the cars waiting to get out while the other train was in the station. They had some technical trouble and we ended up sitting there strapped into the seats for a good 10 minutes. There were some young teenage boys (13 or 14?) in the back of the train and they were basically shouting out all the bad words they could think of. Most of them were related to women's body parts. Not cool.

The second thing I saw that wasn't cool... we were waiting in line for one of the other coasters and in front of us were two young girls. Now I am not great at judging ages, but I'd say being just over 4' tall and very young looking, maybe 10 or 12 years old. Just starting to fill out but still scrawny in that kid way. Both girls were wearing a ton of makeup, and one girl had half her chest hanging out. I mean, more skin than I have ever shown as an adult (aside from swimsuits, maybe). Her nipples were just barely covered. I know that young girls are practically trained to be sexual in our society, and I really have a problem with that. These girls have no idea what they are doing. They might think they are smart and cool and in some immature and unformed way 'sexy', but please... 10-year-olds should not be trying to be 'sexy', it's just wrong. And it made me wonder, where is the parenting that is so obviously needed.

Am I way off base thinking these kids really need some parental intervention, and bad? I know kids that age act out. It's part of growing up, testing boundaries, all that stuff. They're still developing morality. And they can be hard to control (I certainly had my moments as a teen). But they are still kids. They need the lines for appropriate behaviour drawn for them, and reinforced. Any comments?

Ok rant over. Thanks for bearing with me, I just had to get that out.

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  1. Thanks a ton Emily:) I hope you win!
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