Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mac is making me crazy

I got a new laptop, and it's a Mac. My first Mac since 1994 and guys it is making me twelve kinds of crazy. I woke up at 5am stressing on it.
The main reason is that two of my daily-use programs from my PC I can't get for Mac... Roboform and Sweep!... I have so much data and so much time invested in these two programs!

Roboform is a form filler and password saver
Sweep! keeps track of contests, entries, tells you when it's ok to enter again, takes you to the site. I highly recommend both for PC users who like the giveaways.

Edit: I learned that I can run Fusion, which basically lets you run the Windows OS in a new window on the Mac! Yay. A little less easy than what I'm used to, but at least I can still use my favourite programs!

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