Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday already?

This week - month - year - is flying by. And let me just say I'm on day 3 of a massive headache. I'm not taking anything for it because we're TTC. Ice packs aren't working. I think my chiropractor visit yesterday made it worse. What do I do? I can't live like this!
Ok pity party over. (Well, at least I'll stop talking about it.)

Oh, and the Baskin Robbins deal last night - did anyone go? My husband and I walked over with the dog, but the lineup was inSANE. So we walked back home, stopping in at No Frills on the way and picked up a box of PC Peanut Butter and Chocolate frozen bars. Not quite like the Baskin Robbins PB&C I was craving but close enough and no waiting in line!

Hey, guess what? I was lucky and won these Zoo Animals (pictured) from Happy Squash toys at The Shopping Mama! Love! They're super cute :)

Edited to add, July 12, 2011: My daughter, Mia, LOVES the zebra and has from 1 month through to now (5 months). Great toys! The giraffe did lose his spots to fading though, since we've had it.

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  1. Thanks for the post! I have a BUNCH of current giveaways for baby/toddler AND mom!


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