Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleep Talking

Scene: I have 1/8 of our queen bed. DH is sprawled across the rest, snoring.

Me: Honey, can you move over a bit?
DH: Why? Are the tigers here?
Me: No. But I need some more room.
DH: Put the animals away. Please. Don't lie to me.

Finally DH rolls over after I poke him a few times.

10 minutes later.

DH: (mumble) graphics trifecta (mumble) virtual spaces in the world.
DH: Why is McDonalds offering that job?
Me: You're weird.

I commit to the insomnia, get up, look at computer.

AUGHHH I am tired! Wish DH didn't talk in his sleep! (Although it is strangely entertaining and I confess I talk back to see what he'll say next!)


  1. That's too funny! My husband sometimes talks in his sleep too, but only if I ask him a question first (under the assumption that he's still awake). I can't remember the things he says, but it can be pretty amusing. :)

  2. Ha ha!

    I actually keep a little notepad by the bed for when I'm sleepless, I just write down the stuff I'm fretting over and then I can get to sleep. But sometimes I use it for writing down the funny things DH says :D always useful for blackmail later... no, no just funny stories!

  3. Blackmail? As in "Honey, if you don't let me use cloth diapers I will tell the world about the graphics trifecta job"? Ooops, too late.. :)

    That's a great idea keeping a notepad by the bed. I have thought about it when I've had trouble falling asleep because my mind is spinning with all kinds of insane thoughts, but have always been too lazy to actually implement that approach. Maybe I will one of these days, though. The side benefit of blackmail makes it more appealing, as well. :)

  4. :D you never know when top secret information is going to reveal itself. That graphics trifecta could be the key to world domination. It's sleep-espionage!

    The only thing about the notepad is I'm usually too lazy to turn on the light when I want to write something down so half the time the words are illegible. But thinking I wrote it down allows me to sleep, lol.

    Last night DH told me *I* was talking (rare) - apparently I said, in a very exasperated voice, "Just draw the apples!"

    I teach art classes and I had one last night so that's probably where that came from!


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