Monday, March 9, 2009

Inspiration & Motivation? Haven't seen them lately.

I work at home. Sounds great, right? The DH goes off to work at 6:45 a.m. He works hard and lately has been putting in some crazy - like, 14 hour - days, and weekends too. Me... not so much. Now, we have a deal - he works like a bat out of hell (do bats work?) and I work too, not so bat-like, and also take care of house stuff like tidying, cooking (yeah, pretty much all of it), laundry, and the daily chores of running a house. We share the once-a-week major cleaning and things like snow-shovelling, mowing the lawn, that sort of thing. Not a bad deal although sometimes I get ultra ticked about random things like ...
  • leaving dirty dishes on the counter right over top of the dishwasher. Is it that hard to open the door and put them in???
  • leaving socks on the couch/floor/in shoes. ick.
  • leaving one's dirty dishes from one's snack the night before up in the tv room. I know One has been in the tv room before work and also has made the trek to kitchen from tv room. Not sure why One ignores dirty dishes.
  • leaving zippers unzipped when putting dirty pants in the wash basket. I know this is an odd one but I have had clothes ruined by catching on zippers from other clothes in the wash, so I make a point of zipping up zippers before washing. I wish the love of my life would zip his darn zippers up so I didn't have to zip up 7 flys on wash day. I have asked, he has refused. I could take a stand and not wash unzipped clothing but... not worth the fight. That said I get resentful with every zipper I zip.
Okay. So I have some little peeves. Rant over.

Anyway the point is, other than these little cleany chores that I have, I am meant to be working when I'm at home. And I have a lot of trouble getting down to it. I know that I could be making much more dough if I buckled down. I know that once I get going I actually enjoy my job. I know that I get to listen to audio books (love audio books!) while I work so it's really not so bad. But... I resist. I dilly-dally. I think, ok, I'll just read my book for another half hour. Then I'll make a cup of tea. Then I need a snack. Then I'll just look online for a bit... and it's practically mid-afternoon and I haven't gotten a thing done!

Kind of frustrating. I beat myself up over this. The guilt! But I still have trouble with procrastination.

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  1. Sounds like my weekends! Full of procrastination!


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