Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful days

We've had a recent run of beautiful, sunny and warm days here in Calgary. Unfortunately, my husband has had pneumonia, and I'm uncomfortably pregnant enough that getting out for bike rides or hikes has been impossible.

Our yard is a mess - we're having the ugly stone edging taken out from all the gardens (about 2000 stones that the previous owner put in), and plan to have the whole yard regraded so that water doesn't pool on the lawn and around the foundation.

Luckily, we have a deck off the main floor which we can hang out on. And the best thing about this deck is that it's all walled in, so that I can have the door open from the kitchen, Mia can be out there playing and I know she's safe. 

So the new favourite thing to do is to head out to the deck with bubble solution and bubble wands, or plastic containers of various sizes filled with water (love mess-free activities!). The dog loves it, Mia loves it, and I love it too! Hooray for nice days and going outside! :)

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