Monday, May 6, 2013

Always Infinity put to the test (video review)

As a BzzAgent, I occasionally get to try out new things from companies. This time I was selected for a campaign for Always Infinity - a super thin maxi pad with new Infinicel technology, which can hold up to ten times its weight in liquid! I received free product samples and coupons to try out the Always Infinity pads and thought I'd share with you how I put them to the test in comparison with a regular Always Maxi pad.

Always is one of those tried and true brands for feminine products. This is "my brand" when I'm shopping for pads. And with a baby coming, I'm going to need to stock up. Thank you so much, Mother Nature, for lochia (if there are any guys reading... well, what are you doing reading this far anyway? Weirdo!). I can look forward to a few weeks of constant pad use. So I'm happy to test out a new kind from Always, especially one that is so crazy thin that I won't feel like I'm the one wearing a diaper!

The Infinity samples I received were for heavy flow, and the Always Maxi pad samples were for regular flow - I'm just amazed at how THIN the Infinity pads are in comparison. Check it out - the green wrapped pad is an Infinity pad, the yellow is a regular Maxi pad:

Here's my video review (I don't do videos too often, aside from taping my daughter's antics, so you'll have to excuse sloppy camera work, awkward pauses, and my narration technique!!).

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