Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Supreme Green Mess #FinishRevolution

This week I have been trying out a few new recipes from my stash of cookbooks. One of the ones I tried was Supreme Green Spaghetti, from my Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook. Usually I love the recipes from Vegetarian Times - they can generally be relied upon to transform simple ingredients into delicious dishes. I was eager to test out the Supreme Green Spaghetti, because it looked so healthy and simple.

Well, it was simple and fairly healthy alright, but seriously devoid of flavour and had a disappointingly grainy texture! I usually happily modify recipes after the first by-the-book test - but this one is just not worth it. So I won't bother sharing it (it's not even on the VT site). Suffice to say, it involved blending cooked broccoli and spinach with milk, butter, salt and garlic to create a sauce for whole grain spaghetti. And even though I love all those ingredients, it was a mess. Not particularly tasty, the raw garlic had too much bite (although I'm a garlic lover), the texture was icky.

The only one of us who enjoyed it was my 14 month old. Bland pureed vegetables are okay with her.  My husband barely ate five bites - he said he wasn't that hungry, but I know he was sparing my feelings. And I managed half a bowl before giving up. The next day I added some organic tomato sauce to the dish and tried again, it was still not worth eating.

It's not too often that I create an absolute unsalvageable failure in the kitchen, but it does happen!

At any rate, the mess of a dinner came with a mess of a blender as well.  The blended bits of broccoli and spinach are exactly the kind of thing that tend to dry on and stick like glue to dishes. The dishwasher in our grotty rental house (we're moving by the end of the month to the new house, hooray!) is an old beast and does not do a great job by any means. So this was a big test for the Finish Quantum dishwasher tabs that I've been trying out. Here's the blender as it went in to the dishwasher:

 ...and that is how it sat in the dishwasher for four days. We're a small family of three and weekdays, as my husband only eats one meal a day at home, we take a while to fill up the dishwasher. So there it sat until we finally had a full load.

Oh, the suspense. Would I be washing that blender by hand afterwards? I HATE hand washing dishes, so I really was hoping for the best.

Well, you can stop biting your nails with anticipation - here's the result, fresh out of the dishwasher. Sparkling clean!

I am positive the tabs I was using before (store brand green tabs) would have left not only dried-on bits of green goo but also detergent residue on the glass. So I am quite happy with this result. If only we'd gotten a tasty dinner out of it!

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  1. Ugh, I hate when recipes don't turn out!! At least your dishes were sparkling clean, LOL. Let's hear it for the #FinishRevolution

  2. :) great results! Doesn't even look like it was much of a challenge for Finish!


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