Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keeping cool in summer heat

It's another lovely, hot day here full of sunshine (and the accompanying high UV index). I'm hoping for another month at least of summer (fingers crossed)

I got a note from Playtex Infant about ways to keep babies cool and hydrated in the summer and thought they were good tips to share. 
  • Dress alike – If you’re feeling hot, chances are your baby is too, so be sure to dress for the weather. Cool cottons and linens are comfortable and let your skin breathe.  
  • Stay out of the sun – The sun is the hottest from 11am to 3pm so avoid going outside at this time. If you do go out on a hot day, ensure your baby is shaded from the sun as best as possible. 
  • Carry plenty of water – If you run out of water or it becomes too hot to enjoy, pop into a local cafe or restaurant and most will be more than happy to fill your sippy cup with cool water.  
  • Use ice – If it’s a really hot day, try filling one of your sippy cups with ice. By the time your baby is thirsty, most of the ice will have melted, creating a cool and refreshing drink. I have breastmilk frozen in an ice cube tray that works for this!

There are online resources with more information and tips on keeping baby cool this summer such as www.playtexbaby.ca and www.playtexmommyville.ca.

One last tip from me: take a drink for baby so she's not forced to resort to sucking the side of your iced capp for cool relief!  
(I had Mia in my Boba front carrier, and she glommed on to my drink like it was meant for her :) I guess it was soothing on her gums... the teeth are still being reluctant to pop through but I know they're bugging her!)

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