Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're down with NIP

I've nursed in a lot of different places - at the mall, on airplanes and in airports, at family reunions, restaurants, in the car (stopped of course!), park benches, in crowds, you name it - but this is the prettiest place I've ever nursed:Behind me, a huge waterfall - you don't get a sense of the massive scale in this photo - and that's snow - yep, snow in July! We're up a mountain! And this is the view in front of me:We were at Waterton Lakes National Park for the weekend, hiking up a storm (this particular hike, to Lower Rowe Lake, was 8.2 km up the side of a mountain). Mia was in her new carrier (the Deuter Kid Comfort III) that my husband found secondhand.
She's still a little on the small side for it, but she finds it comfortable enough to sleep in for long hikes and my husband finds it comfortable to carry her in it.

The wildflowers were at their peak, and we saw all kinds of wildlife - antelope, black bears, marmots, bison, mule deer, snowshoe hares, pheasants, red fox, pikas, golden mantled and Colombian ground squirrels, and a stunning mountain bluebird. It was such a fun weekend. The town of Waterton is really nice, with little shops and a pretty waterfront.

Mia had her first pool swim (she did well, but I can't say she loved it). My husband was a lifeguard and swim instructor for years and years, so I trust him completely with water and Mia. I'm not a great swimmer, so I did have some anxiety over it. My hope is for Mia to be a happy, skilled swimmer so that she doesn't end up like me in that respect!

What's the prettiest place you've ever nursed your baby?


  1. in the Eiffel Tower...

    btw I have also nursed in a moving car. We were traveling cross country. Baby was in rear facing carseat in back seat. I got in back with baby and still wearing my seatbelt managed to lean forward enough for baby to nurses

  2. Great Minds Think Alike. I just did a post about NIP on my blog July 3rd. I'd love your comments on it.

    The most beautiful place I nursed? Hmm. Don't know that I've nursed in necessarily pretty places. Jungle Cat World isn't necessarily pretty but would be the closest I suppose.

    Oh and to Renee in your comments. I've nursed in car while baby was in carseat and I had my seatbelt on too. Bigger breasts make this easier :)


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