Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thoughts on first foods for a vegetarian baby

Not busy lately, just chillin' with this sweetie!The topic I'm reading up on lately is first foods. Mia's tried a few things (just tastes); she turns six months old mid-August.

My plan was to do baby-led weaning, but I think I will do a modified version that does include purees-to-mashes, based on the reading I've been doing. I liked the idea of BLW without purees, but the World Health Organization as well as my provincial and federal governments recommend purees that gradually have more texture.

I also liked the idea of skipping baby cereals altogether - they seem like unnecessarily bland, empty calories - but again am doubting that. The reason I'm having doubts is that we are (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, and her nutrition is really important. I know she will get adequate iron, zinc and B12 once she starts eating what we eat, but until then the cereals are iron-fortified, so we can be sure she's getting enough. Plant-based iron is harder to absorb, so she'd need to eat bigger amounts (than she would of meat products) to get enough, and I don't think her appetite will allow that for the first while.

Any thoughts on first foods? Any vegetarian baby mamas reading who'd care to share stories? Did you supplement with vitamins?

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  1. Not a vegan mom but I usually mixed the infant cereal with fruit to make it tastier.


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