Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best swim diaper?

I need your advice! What's your favourite (cloth) swim diaper? Mia's about 17 lbs (I haven't weighed her recently) and has chubby thighs.

Something available in Canada (online is fine) would be great... I was about to order one from CSN Baby, but the $7 diaper had $19 in shipping (!), $8 in border fees and $5 in taxes, bringing the total to nearly $40. Um, no thanks!!

Edit: I ended up getting a Monkey Doodlez cloth diaper and so far so good. Of course we haven't had what my husband so nicely terms an "aquadump" yet...

We've been busy lately, spending the last weekend in Canmore, with side trips to Banff and Lake Louise. What a lovely time was had by all - except for the bouts of car seat crying by Miss I-Hate-The-Car Mia.
Mia at Lake Louise.
You can't really tell because of the light, but the whole lake
is a brilliant turquoise like at the left there.

We also hit The National horse jumping championship for a spot of hopping horses. I found the Prairie Dogs (dogs running obstacle courses, I know there's a name for that) much more entertaining!
Mia at The National

Mia celebrated her four-month "birthday" by sleeping for FIVE HOURS IN A ROW! Hooray! Then, the next night, she slept for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS IN A ROW! Double Hooray! ...Then, last night, she was up every 2-2.5 hours again. But... I saw the light. And it was so beautiful.

She also has perfected rolling from back to tummy in the last few days. Way to go, Mia!

We are heading back to lush, hot, humid Ontario tomorrow for a bit - to stay at a cottage with family, and for my husband's grandmother's 90th birthday party. We're both looking forward to being at home, in our own house, for a few days and leaving the rental condo in Calgary behind.

Sadly, our neighbours who are looking after our house have reported that all the fish in our aquarium have died. I imagine the house got too hot. Hopefully our gardens are surviving the lack of tending.

I'm not sure if I'll have internet access for the duration of our stay in Ontario (eeek!), but keep on leaving those comments (especially for the giveaway!) and I will get to reading them on my return before the month is out!


  1. We have used the monkey doodlez swim diapers before. My new favorite is Using a bumble baby cloth diaper just without the insert - the inside of the diaper is just like a swim diaper so you get 2 for the price of 1 - they are made in ontario and are $17 (SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!) you really can't beat the price.

  2. my favorites are iplay swim diapers - they work really well. The white color may seem boring but they have colorful options too. Glad you've found what best suits you!


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