Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Long weekend! BBQ time (with Wonder+ Simply Free)

As you know, we're a vegetarian family and I care a lot about what kind of food is on our table. I ALWAYS read labels to see just what's in the food I buy. I started doing this to check for hidden animal products when I became vegetarian, and the more I've learned about additives and preservatives, the more I pay attention to the ingredients list.

That's why I'm thrilled when a company - especially a huge, well-known brand - comes out with a product that I can rely on to contain ingredients I want to see (like unbleached flour) and none of the ones I avoid (like high fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives, flavours and colours). That tells me the big brands really are listening when I vote with my wallet for real food! And that's exactly what you'll get with the new Wonder+ Simply Free hotdog and hamburger buns. Nothing nasty, just real food.

Wonder is made by Weston Bakeries - I remember the delicious smell of the Weston Bakeries in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario! I went to university there and ended up living there for 12 years. Every time I took the exit from the highway, the big Weston Bakery welcomed me home with the yummy scent of freshly baked bread!

This Victoria Day weekend, we're heading back to Ontario to visit family. I'm really looking forward to breaking out some veggie burgers for the barbeque. My favourite ever recipe for vegetarian burgers is a simple one that you can whip up at home - it's Mark Bittman's Nut Burger recipe which you can find at that link or in his "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" cookbook (I use cashews as the base, truly a fabulous burger). These will go great on Wonder+ Simply Free hamburger buns! If you're a carnivore, you'll find two burger recipes at Canadian Living's Summer Fun Comes Naturally site - and more new recipes to come at that site all summer!

Wonder is offering a neat coupon for the new product as well - it's a progressive coupon on Facebook. Like their FB page, and the more of your friends who also like it, the better your coupon gets - up to B1G1 free! You can find the details on this offer at

Disclosure – I am participating in the Wonder+ SimplyFree program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Weston Bakeries. I received a gift card and free product coupons as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

I'm happy to try the product for free and receive a gift card for my time in writing about it, but I want you to know - I don't promote products that my family wouldn't use or products that go against my grain. These new products by Wonder, to me, are a step in a very good direction for a big company. This IS the product I look for in the grocery store.

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  1. I just saw these buns in the grocery store. Didn't have time to read the package and wasn't in the market for buns but made a note to check them out!


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