Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Beyond the Rack Another Chance

Here we go again.

You may recall that last January, I'd ordered some lovely Dereon lingerie from Beyond the Rack. Super cute, great deal. I waited and waited for delivery. It didn't come. Finally, I emailed them and was told that they didn't have it in stock, and they ended up crediting my account. Disappointing.

Then in April, I tried again. I ordered some really awesome Doc Martens for my husband. Really. Awesome. Again, a great deal. Docs are super quality - I wore a pair of burgundy eight-holes from 1992-1999, through the Canadian winter even (though they're slippy on ice!) until they finally died. And the shoes did come. But... they were in UK sizing (remember this is a Montreal-based company). I'd even tried to contact them ahead of time to confirm the sizing and got no response. After getting the gorgeous shoes in the wrong size, I emailed about the problem and their customer service rep told me that ALL of the orders were being returned because of sizing issues. Anyway... We returned them and then they didn't have my husband's size, so they refunded the money. Again.

So this is it, BTR. I've just ordered these two sweaters. Again, great deals... if they come, and are sized right. I've got my fingers crossed.

If any of you want to give BTR a shot - I have heard really mixed reviews of it on the forums out there - you can sign up through the button on my right sidebar, or here's your invitation. It is an invitation-only flash sale site.

Joining is free, and you can see all the current and upcoming events. They have stuff like shoes and clothing (men and women), handbags, cosmetics, lingerie, housewares, swimsuits, toys... It's a range from high-end designer stuff (think Prada, Coach etc), to more 'regular' brands (recently they had Melissa & Doug toys, for instance). For me it's fun to visit and see what the deals are because each day there is something new.

Have any of you tried BTR? Have you had success with your orders? I'd love to hear about it.

Update December 20th: Ruh Roh. Here's the email I got today:
Dear Emily,

A few days ago, we let you know that your order no. 420115 had yet to arrive at our Order Processing Center. We’ve been in constant contact with our supplier and have been assured that the merchandise will be sent to us soon.

We’ll make it a priority to pack your order as quickly as possible, and notify you once it’s been shipped.

Warmest Regards,

BTR Customer Support
Update December 23: My items have arrived (I never did get the shipping notification they were talking about above, though...)! Right items, right size. I have a little buyer's remorse over the grey sweater, but still like them both. Of course, the black one doesn't fit over my enormous 34-weeks-pregnant belly, but it will fit someday soon, right? I love that they're part cashmere and part angora; the sweaters are super soft.

So, there's my review: 1/3 orders worked out for me. Given the deals, I am going to say BTR *may* be worthwhile if you are (a) not in a hurry to receive your order, and (b) prepared to be disappointed if your order is wrong or simply never comes.


  1. I have ordered from Beyond the Rack once and the right bag arrived (no sizing required) but it took a really, really long time. It was a diaper bag that I ordered while pregnant so it was no biggie, but I might have been upset if it was a different situation. I ordered from ideeli once a couple years back and it took awhile too, although not AS long. The price you pay for the discounts I guess. I HATE returning things through the mail though so that would have straight pissed me off. Good luck this time!

  2. Beyond The Rack sucks! Horrible costumer service, worst I have ever dealt with. Took over a month to ship and they were very rude to me on the phone, I much prefer HomeSav, ([url][/url]) there costumer service is GREAT and the deal's are much better!!


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