Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Glider Fabric Dilemma

This is the glider we bought secondhand for the nursery ($25! I'm still stoked about that deal!).

I'm not sure how well it shows, but the fabric on the cushions is ugly, stained and worn. Not only that, but it's made of some plasticized material that squeaks against the wood when you sit in it. It desperately needs a slipcover. And the glider fabric is going to play the lead role in helping me figure out what the nursery's going to look like.

I have a vision in my head of a mainly white or ivory fabric, with a pattern (botanical? geometric?) that includes both red and turquoise. And maybe yellow.

You know what it's like when you try to shop with something already in mind? It's impossible. So I'm having a lot of trouble finding the right fabric. I took a look at Fabricland and the selection was depressing. I've been trying to shop online, but it's so overwhelming. A zillion fabric stores online and it's hard to sort out the ones with the kind of fabric I like from the novelty or bland. So far I've found a couple that I like:

And I love this, though it's utterly impractical (embroidered Dupioni silk) and outrageously expensive (but it's so pretty!):I am somewhat inspired by the fabric Sarah Richardson used on her nursery chair:- although it's $27.99 a yard (eeks!). At least the yards are double width.

What do you think? One of the first two, or the pricier fourth (the third is just out of the question)? Of course, my husband has veto power - he's got to live with it, too!

Any fabric mavens out there? Send me to your favourite online fabric stores!

UPDATE: What did I choose? See the Before and After photos here! 


  1. I know nothing about fabric but my favorite is the last one (sorry)!

  2. I would be glad to help you find fabric... I know of a few places... hit me up on Twitter if you wanna know more ;0)

  3. The third one is gorgeous, but nurseries can be messy places! I love the first fabric, very cute but not cutesy and would be easy to build a nursery around :)

  4. I like the second one - I think that trying to line up the geometry on the first one [by Amy Butler?] would be a nightmare - I like the Scandinavian feel of the second. Speaking of Scandinavia, have you checked out Ikea's selection of fabrics? I was at the huge one near Leslie Station last week, and they had a gorgeous selection, and in upholstery weight, too. Lots of contemporary patterns.

  5. I love the first one!! Good luck!


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