Sunday, May 30, 2010

What we've been up to

Crazy, crazy month. We did SO MUCH I can hardly believe it.
Here's our yard on May 3rd:By May 7th the contractors had finished their work and left it like this:By May 22nd, we had the pergolas up - these were designed by my husband and he did the majority of the work. I was his assistant. These went up on evenings and weekends.By May 28th we had over 400 square feet of gardens dug out around the pergolas, a new rock garden (from rocks we 'farmed' at a nearby construction site - ugh! HEAVY!), a new raised bed all along the back of the pergolas between the patio and the wall (that garden alone is 4x24' and 2' tall) AND we raided the nurseries and planted three truckloads of new plants, re-sodded, and added some nice hanging baskets as well... Oh yes, and bought and assembled a new barbeque...
Can't forget the 15' Armstrong maple we planted... And those wooden things in the pergola are the walls of our shed, also built this week...

Can't skip a photo of the gorgeous new rock garden, either -

Did I mention a shed? Oh, this shed...

Which is not quite finished yet, clearly. And those are more gardens on either side of the new shed. A shed also designed by my husband, who has really impressed me with his capabilities lately!

We'd hoped to get the shed finished as it's the last thing on our list. Alas, my husband is back to work tomorrow and it will have to happen piecemeal over evenings and weekends. Most of the hard part is done (we just need to finish sheathing the roof, then tarpaper the whole thing, do shingles, siding, fascia, soffits, and lattice along the bottom. It will be pretty when it's done, with two windows.

Also on our to-do list are: hang gorgeous Mexican hammock, and buy patio furniture! Then... relax!


  1. Wowee.. You guys are so good! Your back yard is looking so awesome!

    My hubby and I like to spend a lot of our time on landscaping, too, though we haven't done nearly as much as you have, plus we took the easy way out and just bought a plastic shed from Home Depot, though it does fit perfectly between the side of our house and the fence.. :)

  2. Nice job, Em. Lot of work though.

  3. Dang, that is a lot of progress! I'm so impressed, and a little exhausted just thinking about it. And jealous - I wish my husband had just a fraction of those skills!

  4. Wow. It looks so amazing. You are going to enjoy it this summer.


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