Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping, working out...

I've been quiet, I know... I will probably post a giveaway tomorrow. By request, the grown-up giveaway will come first! I do have a couple of others in the works as well - nice stuff - so be patient. Meanwhile, please go ahead and enter the new FertilAid for Women giveaway, and the one for Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil!

DH and I went to Vaughan Mills today - meant to be a belated birthday shopping trip for him, but the only thing we got (besides a badly needed bathrobe for me on sale at the Gap outlet) were food court snacks and Starbucks drinks (I am in love with the new Dark Cherry Mocha, btw!). Not very many deals to be found, unless you count the $1200 Prada blouse marked down to $400 (um, yeah, still just a blouse). Or the $800 Manolo Blahnik shoes (marked down from $2195) - and they were uuuugLY!

We also hit the gym - he's signed up again with Goodlife (we're kicking ourselves for cancelling our memberships when we moved, as we were paying much less then). We went to a BodyFlow class, our perennial favourite. It's awesome. Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates combined. If you have a chance to try this out, take it! Super workout, great for flexibility, balance and strength, and truly relaxing as well. We both get mellowed out afterwards (and then sore for two days).

This particular location is so busy. The one thing I hate is trying to get a spot - the classes are really full at this gym and you really have to rush in there and claim your territory. Then worry about kicking someone in the head (or getting a foot to the face) as you do the standing strength poses. And the only other nearish location is women-only (but we like to do the class together)...

I'm feeling really out of shape, though - especially after spending a few hours in changing rooms today. Seeing my body in the harsh light of the change room was a real eye-opener.

So, I am debating whether to join the gym as well. I got a 7-day 'trial' pass when hubby signed up as I wasn't ready to commit - the closest one is 20 minutes away from our home. It's near hubby's work, but I work at home. Will I go? Or will I be spending $24 bi-weekly and not using it?

And, on a more personal note, I'm on day 31 and still clueless about what's going on this cycle. It's a mystery. I love mystery novels but not so crazy about cycle mysteries, as it turns out.


  1. I signed up with GoodLife last year($12.60 bi-weekly)...then I unsigned..I can never get there. Turns out power walks are my best friend. Ah each their own..hope you find what works for you!!

  2. How I miss my gym membership - been trying to get back into my routine. I stopped going when I started working at home too - but now I'm really thinking I need to sign up once more. You can view it as your "required" time outside the house :D

  3. I liked Curves! I lost 6 lbs and 5 overall inches the first time I joined - having said that, I joined again (no, that's not true - I did a 30 days for $30 deal) 5 months after my little guy was born and gained half a pound! Maybe it's my metabolismor maybe it's their new system, either way I didn't sign up (it's also a 40+ minute drive for me now - blech!)


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