Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day shopping

We hit the electronic stores (yawn) today, and the mall. Nothing. Well, I did pick up one last-minute gift for my mum. But the sales were pretty pathetic. Lots of people, lots of chaos, but deals... not so much.

I did do a little online shopping, though - Forever 21 has free shipping, no minimum purchase, until the 28th with code BOXINGDAY09. So I scooped a cute little tank and skirt from the sale section:

I love the shape and the random zipper detail on the skirt. I'm just hoping it's long enough that I'll feel comfortable wearing it. I figure I could always add in a strip of fabric at the bottom (with the new sewing machine!! :) ).

The top was only $3.99, and the skirt's $19.99 (Boxing Day sale prices).

Did you brave the malls, or stay at home and shop online? Did you get any good deals today?


  1. I agree with you. The sales this year totally suck. I am visiting my in-laws in Abbotsford, BC right now and we hit a few stores, but the only stuff that was reasonably priced and I liked was chocolate, so I stocked up on that. :D Other than that and a Venus razor + manicure tools + foot scrub set that I got for $2.49 with a coupon, there was nothing to get excited about... :(

  2. Those are some cool deals you scooped up, by the way! I really like the skirt!

  3. Nice f21 finds, darling!
    I did not brave the malls... I like to do my sale shopping online :)


  4. That's a great deal on the top! The skirt is adorable too -- a great price for a cute outfit. :)


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