Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Watch it online

I used to work in an office - a law firm - back before I jumped off the big cliff of self-employment. I liked working with people around me (it's pretty lonely now, working at home), but hated office politics, and the stress of my job made me sick and unhappy. I'm definitely glad I have had the experience, though. It makes the show The Office all that much more funny.

We have just caught up on watching the series. We hadn't watched it at all before last month, but our friends had recommended it, and I saw one episode on the plane on our way out west in September. So when we came home we set about watching the entire series on My husband has hooked his computer up to the tv set, which is great. We don't have cable, just an antenna in the attic and the computer. We stream pretty much everything we watch, from tv to movies and documentaries. The video quality is amazing these days and it's really not complicated.

Anyway, I am loving The Office and wanted to say, if you've heard about it and never watched it... give it a chance. You may find some of the characters horrible and offensive (honestly, it's part of the humour, although sometimes it really is too much) but the show is kind of about that and how his co-workers deal with that. There's a reason this show is into its sixth season.

And if you're interested in watching tv online, missed an episode, are so done with commercials, want to see a program that just isn't on the stations you get, want to watch a series from the start, etc... try watching online. We have a DSL connection and it's just fine for streaming. With the streaming, too, you don't have to wait for shows to download like in the past. Just click and the show starts. It really is amazing and I can't imagine paying for cable anymore. We like ninjavideo, project free tv, and there's a site called ovguide that is like a search engine for videos if you want something a little harder to find. I find the best is ninjavideo.

Okay, that was just something I was thinking about. Random, right? Here are some giveaways for today...

For baby:
For grown-ups:


  1. Have you watched the videos on They are hilarious and remind me of an employer of mine. I can totally relate to a former job like yours.
    Here's a link to one of their video pages:

    Some of the older ones are the funniest though!

  2. Here's the link to two of my favorite ones since I had trouble finding the videos.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the give Aways this is great, I recomended you on Canadian Natural Mama for a blog to host a give away!!! thanks again

  4. It was on the All things Mamma Momo Give Away


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