Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some results

Just got back from the doctor, and my levels are steadily dropping. Yesterday the HCG count was at around 411. This is good news as it means the methotrexate is doing its job. I have three more blood tests over the next few weeks, and hopefully will see the levels go down to less than 5. Fingers crossed.

It kind of sucks going there. There were two hugely pregnant women in the waiting room, and a wall full of baby photographs. Ouch.

A few giveaways for today. Yesterday's list got bigger in the evening as I had a bit of time, so if you read it early in the day, might be worth another look! :)

For baby:
For ladies:
For anyone:
  • Win Christmas cards and enclosure tags by Jonesy (a Canadian company!) at {Natural} Mommie. Ends November 12th.
more to come...


  1. Fingers crossed that it keeps going down for you. BIG HUGS!

    And thanks for including one of my giveaways!


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