Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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The ultrasound I had yesterday was strange. You know how some u/s techs will tell you what they see, and some are really vague and want to leave it to the radiologist to figure out what the pictures show? This time I had the second kind. So I kept asking direct questions and she kept giving vague answers. One answer I did wrangle out of her was that she could not see a gestational sac. This is honestly a mystery wrapped in a riddle, wearing an invisibility cloak.

So I got them to forward the results to the ob/gyn that I have finally been referred to, and his office called me this morning to bump my appointment up to tomorrow, and they want me to go for more blood work today. I guess finally someone gets the urgency of all this. I've only been bleeding for 50 freaking days now.

I'm off to the blood lab.


  1. I'm so sorry :-(

    Is it because of your insurance you have not been able to be referred to an ob/gyn yet?

  2. Thanks, Chari - it's not an insurance issue (in Canada medical care like this is covered) - I think my family doctor just didn't think I needed a referral until now. And I, reassured by his complacency, didn't push until now.


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