Friday, September 18, 2009

U2 and a Style at Home contest

Wow! The U2 concert was awesome, despite me being exhausted from staying up way too late the previous night. They sound as good (better!) in concert than on their albums - I love that. Some musicians seem to be exclusively studio musicians and rely on so much equipment to make their sound. It was perfectly clear why U2 is a band that has longevity, style and amazing talent last night! We had great seats too :)

All that raving and I'm not even a huge fan - I like their music, but it's my husband who is the die-hard fan. He's been to a concert for every tour they've done in North America since the early nineties. He went to see them twice this time around; last night and the night before! (He did score a free ticket for the Wednesday night concert.)

Anyway, loved it. Didn't take photos, just enjoyed.

Okay, the other thing I want to share is the latest contest from Style at Home magazine. Of all the home decor magazines, there are two that I have subscribed to for years and faithfully read cover to cover. My favourite is Style at Home. I love that they feature regular homes of regular people that have great style. When I read the magazine I get so inspired for my own home, and love when the items in the homes are not outrageously expensive (take note, Canadian House & Home! I love you too but I don't have money trees in my life!).

Plus I was so honoured to have one of my paintings on the cover of Style at Home back in January (and featured in a gorgeous display room at last year's Fall Home Show)! Can you imagine how cool it was to open up my mailbox, feel happy to see the latest issue of one of my favourite magazines, and then realize MY painting was on the cover?! So I have a soft spot for Style at Home. My work has been in magazines before, but never on the cover!

So - to the contest. The Style at Home Makeover Contest 2009 is an awesome chance for two lucky winners to receive a $2000 gift card for Home Depot, and twenty other lucksters to win $50 gift cards from Home Depot. Um, YES PLEASE!

Here's the deal... you submit a photo and explanation of the room in your house that desperately needs a makeover, and then we all vote (voting starts on the 25th of September). The most desperate can win one of the two giant prizes, and voters/commenters can win one of the 20 HD GC's. Ends October 8th... plenty of time to get the camera out. It's for Canadian residents only, and is a daily entry (by that I'm thinking voting/commenting daily, not posting the same room entry day after day!).

Good luck folks - if you enter, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I love Style At Home too. It has a modern feel to the houses that I like.
    I will have to think about the contest. Our house is in okay shape. If I take a picture of it messy then I might win!

  2. We're taking note, Emily. Have you seen Michael Penney's affordable style blog on, featuring products from Craigslist, Ikea, Home Depot, West Elm and more? Plus, our makeovers contest on could win you over $10,000 in prizes. The October issue features $5 placemats, $50 lamps, etc. Hope you'll enjoy!


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