Friday, July 24, 2009

The quilt!

I didn't find the camera, but my DSLR was around so I used that. It's a bit of a pain because it's an awesome camera (the Pentax *ist), but it has power surge issues if I try to connect it to the computer. So I have to take the photo, take the card out, put it in hubby's computer (mine doesn't have a card reader), transfer the photos to a USB key, then connect that to my computer and get the photos from that. Phew.Anyway, here is the finished baby quilt that I made for my best friend...
I'd love to hear if you think the colour is all wrong... I'm worried about that. It's not exactly 'sage' like she wanted. It's a very simple quilt, just 4" blocks, but I think it's pretty... I used six different cotton fabrics, with a white flannel backing. The batting is a bamboo-cotton blend and it was so soft I almost didn't want to cover it with fabric. Let's all just ignore the lousy job I did making the bed this morning and focus on the quilt :)
And lastly since it feels like an image-heavy day, here's the model sailboat we got last week at the antique shop in town. I love it, and I wish it fit in our bedroom where we wanted to put it, but it's just too darn big! I've found a spot for it in the guest bedroom:
Okay, all done. Oh, except for this pic of the bad dog:who yesterday ate half a loaf of French bread that he stole from the kitchen counter while I was out getting that last bit of fabric. He is not allowed in the kitchen at all, nevermind the counter. He unwrapped it and ate it all! That was my lunch!


  1. Wow, that's a beautiful quilt! I love the colours and the pattern. You did an an awesome job! I wish I had a friend like you who would give me such amazing gifts.. :D

    The boat is pretty neat, too. And your dog is a riot! :D I always laugh when pets do silly things like that...

  2. Aw, thanks! She's gonna owe me big time when it's my turn... just kidding of course :) it was a pleasure. Except for the times I stuck myself with a pin.

  3. It's beautiful, Emily! I sooooo wish I could do that :)

  4. Oh! You totally could. I'm no expert! Next time I do one, maybe I'll do a tutorial - it's about 10 hours for me to do one (and I'm kinda slow). I sort of did it like the Martha Stewart memory quilt, but not really - I got advice from the quilt store lady on how to do it more easily.

  5. I think it lookds great. I love the colours and it looks like the kid of quilt a child could use as they got older. Not too baby.
    Also, great picture of the dog. :-)


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