Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In a hurry... make a quilt! I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday for my best friend since high school (20 years... eeks). And I have a wonderful gift for her already but I also want to make a quilt for her in her nursery colours... but I don't have the fabric yet... Oh, man. Leave it to me to leave it to the last minute! Plus we have guests coming on Friday so I really only have today and tomorrow to get this done.

Let me just say, I'm very much a beginner quilter - I'm comfortable with the sewing machine, but not that experienced. Plus I like to go my own way and not use a pattern (crazy, I know!). I'm going to base my quilt on the Martha Stewart memory quilt - it's pretty simple. I have actually done one before (just one, my first quilt ever).

I went to Fabricland yesterday to try to find fabrics... does anyone else hate that store? It's always so dingy and they don't really have a good variety, at least not for the things I want to sew. I used to live in a community that had a lot of Mennonites nearby and as you can imagine it was a great place to live if you love fabric, because of the huge demand for quilting fabrics. I miss Len's Mills back in K-W! So all I found yesterday was a small piece of white with green polkadots fabric that I am hoping will be part of this quilt! It really depends what I find today.

Anyway. Enough about me and my sewy dilemma! Here are some giveaways for today.. not too many since I really need to get a move on!

For the ladies:
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OH, and don't forget to enter my Affordable Baby Organics giveaway if you haven't yet - or even if you have already - there are two NEW entry options so get your bonus entries in!

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  1. Ooohhh, good luck, Emily. I'm all thumbs with a sewing machine, so I admire anyone who can make something usable with one...let alone a beautiful quilt! Your friend is very blessed to have you for a friend :)


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