Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Colouring my world...

Colour is basically my job. I mean, I'm a painter - the artist kind, not the house kind - and I spend my days looking at colour, mixing colour, playing with colour. So it is a mystery to me why it's so hard to pick paint colours for our walls at home!

My last house was a 1920's brick house with warm wood floors. I ended up painting every single room a variation on yellow - which was perfect for that house and made it feel very warm and sunny inside, even in the rooms with small windows. My favourite was the kitchen, which I painted a pale yellow and I did the cabinets in a warm "Squirrel Grey", with new brushed nickel knobs, which looked both modern and classic at the same time.

This house is a new build and we have been living with builder beige since we moved in nearly two years ago! Finally today I went around and picked some colours. Unfortunately my husband has a say (I'm joking, I don't mind - we do both have to live with it!). So I have set out my colours in a list, room by room, and hope when he comes home he will like them. I'm going for mostly pale shades of tan, pale blue-grey, a pale grey-green, and two darker colours - a dark grey-brown and a dark grey-teal. That last sounds weird but I'm not sure how else to describe the colour (I could mix it with oil paints, but I can't name it!). Kind of... natural, sand, rock and water colours. The darks are for the powder room, which I want to feel like a jewel box with its chrome hardware and accessories, and for our great room, which has grey-blue curtains with a gold sheen (prettier than it sounds) and beige carpet and sofas. I think the dark paint will make it feel cozier in there and better for tv watching.
It's hard to pick and I confess I used the paint brochures with the colour sets - then added my own colours to the four in the set. Yeah, I've chosen about 7 colours for the house, but all in the same family. I hope it looks good. We're probably going to hire someone, since we have tall ceilings, especially in the hall with the stairs. I don't mind tackling the smaller rooms myself at all, though! I kind of like painting walls, it's so satisfying and amazing to me that such a small thing can make such a big difference to a room.

The one thing I'm not looking forward to is moving all the furniture!

Do you have a method of choosing paint colours? What are your favourite colours for a house?

Okay, on to some giveaways for today...

For the ladies:


  1. Well I've got you beat...four years in September that we have lived with buider's paint. It's our first house and I am such a chicken to commit! LOL.

    Your colors sound nice - though on paper they sound a little gray but I am sure they will look fab on your walls!

  2. Thanks, Jenn! I just added a picture... They're not really so grey, I'm just thinking of how I would mix the colours and they do all have just a touch of black in them if you were to mix them. Well, except for the cream colour.

    For the kitchen I'm torn between the Pale Bamboo (the larger chip on the middle right) and the cream (3rd row, 1st chip). I guess hubby will decide!

  3. The colours you have picked look beautiful and so calming!

    We are living with builder's paint in our house although I don't mind it too much. We got a bit of a darker colour called Potter's Clay in our house (a greeny gray colour). We just painted a feature wall in our nursery Clinton Brown though! Now I am super motivated to paint some other rooms. I always forget how easy it is and how dramatic the change is.


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