Thursday, May 14, 2009

Procrastination! & a freebie for the ladies

Isn't it funny how you can procrastinate on one thing by action on another? Like, I still haven't got this Mac all filled up with my documents and stuff from the old computer. Transferring files ranks up there with watching paint dry for boring.

So, instead, yesterday I planted the vegetable gardens - beans, radishes, carrots, all seeds - and plants of tomatoes (cherry and regular), peppers, zucchini and cucumber. Also I put Nasturtium seeds in the boxes on the deck, and basil. The peas are up about an inch already! I have a little space left - I'm thinking maybe scallions, or arugula... any suggestions welcomed!

And today I'm starting my first quilt - well, cutting fabric for my first quilt. I'm doing a baby quilt, hopefully I have enough fabric. I started with one of my husband's old shirts and added some different quilters' cottons. I've cut about 25 of 108 pieces so far :) but I bought myself a rotary cutter and mat for my birthday (well my mum did really, she gave me some birthday money), and I'm having fun with it. It's way faster than scissors, that's for sure!

Meanwhile computer things I've been putting off are piling up like crazy... I'm just going to ignore it today, maybe tomorrow I'll deal!

Oh, BTW... Get your free sample of KY Intense Arousal Gel for Her! This is for us Canadian women only.

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