Monday, April 20, 2009


So I've had this iPod sitting on my desk for about three months, unused. I decided today, since I'm out of audiobooks at the library (I've listened to all the ones I'm interested in that they have - it's a small town library), that I'd try podcasts. The trouble is that my two favourite programs on CBC - WireTap and Age of Persuasion - are NOT available on podcast. So disappointing!

I need something to listen to while I work. I prefer intelligent comedy (I like WireTap because it's sarcastically hilarious - vulgar or 'shock' comedy just doesn't really turn my crank) , fiction or mysteries (is there such a thing as a podcast where they just read a chapter of a book to you at a time?), or something culture-related (I like Age of Persuasion because it talks about the history of advertising, how it has developed, and how it has effected consumer culture). I need something that keeps me interested and is talking as opposed to music (unless it's an interesting program that combines talk and music, like Alan Cross' History of New Music which also is not available on Podcast!!! ARGH!).

So I am wondering if anyone who reads this has a suggestion for a podcast to subscribe to. I'd really appreciate it.

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  1. My husband likes the following from NPR: All Things Considered, All Songs Considered, and This American Life (great stories about everyday people and events). You can find those and search TONS of other podcasts here:


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