Thursday, July 26, 2012

Renovations suck.

I've not been posting as much as usual, because between a toddler and a very major house renovation, I'm just about as busy as can be.

Our main floor is completely ripped out down to the studs, as is our master bathroom, powder room and laundry room. We're living in the basement (with a teeny 4x8' kitchen - while our fridge is still on the main floor; take a second to imagine that hassle every meal) and the guest bedroom. Luckily, our daughter's room is untouched - but with all the demolition and construction noise, naps are sporadic.

It's a real pain.

Three more months until the "optimistic" completion date, which I'm certain will be delayed, as getting the kitchen and bathroom layout done with the cabinet company has been a debacle.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to living in a real, complete and functional house again. It's already been six months since we moved from our house in Ontario to Calgary. Three months of ghetto rental house, half-unpacked, and now three months of this construction site, still not unpacked...

It will be nice to see our stuff again, and to put pictures on the walls, and call it our home.

A few "before" pictures, just for fun:

The kitchen, with cracked plastic "glass" blocks, a pantry, and a peninsula - now it is down to studs, no cabinets and the glass blocks have been taken out and filled in with wall.

The golden oak bookshelf - we'll have this made symmetrical and painted white. The ceiling in this room and the attached kitchen has come down as well for installation of pot lights and removal of old fixtures.

The master bathroom with a gross old jacuzzi tub. And hey, no door between bedroom and bathroom.

More master bathroom with a shower insert (now gone). Note carpet throughout (ugh!) and also no door between toilet and bathroom!

From the closet, looking through the bathroom to the bedroom. Everything in here is gone.
The whole house is also painted the colour of mud, I hate the colour. So much to do - don't even get me started on the horrible yard!


  1. Your bathroom is larger than my bedroom. Sometimes we need to stop and think about how lucky we might be compared to those less fortunate.

  2. To be honest, this bathroom is kind of ridiculous. What a lot of wasted space. I think it's a bad design.

    As to the rest of your comment... I would say it's a combination of hard work, investment, and age, with maybe a sprinkling of luck - my husband and I have worked very hard for many years, saved our butts off, and put off things (like having a child) until we were older, leaving us able to afford a house like this... a house in a nice neighbourhood with lots of space, but also with *lots* of work and repairs needing to be done.

    It's all a trade-off, like anything else in life. So mind your judging :)

  3. I bet it's a real pain to live in. I can't wait to see it when it's all done and we come for a visit!
    You two have really worked hard and lived very wisely to get such a lovely home :)

  4. It'll soon be a distance (bad) memory all these renovations and then you'll have the most amazing home you both love..... :)


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