Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goodbye, Goodlife

We've been Goodlife Fitness members for years. I mean, I joined in 2001 - back when the bi-weekly rate was $16 (it's now $23, or $21 if you sign up during a sale). I was always a big advocate of the club, too. I loved their Les Mills classes. BodyFlow was my favourite - a mix of tai chi, pilates, and yoga. I brought several new members into the club myself with my glowing praise and enthusiasm for it.

Over the years I was thrilled to keep my locked-in member rate as prices increased. In 2007, I moved to a location that was fairly far from a club, and terminated my membership. What a mistake that was. I ended up missing it enough to make the 20 minute drive and re-signed soon after at a higher bi-weekly rate. It was not ideal to pay more than I had been, but I recognized that I'd cancelled my membership and was considered a new member.

Then my husband's company started a corporate partnership account with Goodlife. We got a great rate by going with the corporate plan. Knowing their tendency to increase rates, we asked the club before we switched to the corporate plan if we could return to our current rates should we leave the corporate plan. "Sure," they said, "No problem." And with that sorted - or so we thought - we went ahead with it.

And guess what? A year later, my husband has changed jobs and provinces, and we are no longer eligible for the corporate plan. Fair enough. But when we tried to switch back to our old rates, we were told that was not possible, despite what we'd been assured of before.

We went to the local club to talk about it. The staff member disappeared several times into an office to "call the district manager" and every time came back saying there was nothing they could do. If we wanted to stay at the club, we could pay the sale price (ending the next day - no pressure!) of $21 bi-weekly each.

One staff member enthused about the Jump Fitness child care at the gym, as she saw that we had Mia with us - I found that ironic considering my recent, first and LAST experience with that - read my review of Goodlife's Jump Fitness Child Care to see why!

We were happy and loyal members and felt like we had just been treated like dirt. Broken promises, what a disappointment.

So goodbye, Goodlife.

We're going to spend the summer (if it ever gets to Calgary - it snowed today!) outside exercising and making the most of the beautiful parks, lakes and mountains around us. And in the fall, we'll look for a new fitness club. Hopefully one that honours its promises and has some interest in keeping loyal members.

If there are any co-ed fitness clubs in the south of Calgary that are interested in a review, well, my husband and I would be happy to test out your facilities :)


  1. Never liked Goodlife Fitness myself. My boyfriend has a corporate plan too. I still didn't like it.

    I joined the YMCA with my friend & we signed up as a couple for the "Family Plan". Sure it's a tad more expensive than the corporate plan, but well worth it to me. It is 6 buildings from my house, all classes are included, nobody there is intimidating, there are people of all ages & body types, staff are friendly, helpful & happy. The environment is very comfortable & it's extremely close to home.

  2. I am not a fan of Goodlife, as you know!! The daycare upset me with regards to the incident with my youngest. My friend also mentioned that a broken glass bottle lay in the changing rooms for over an hour even though she informed the front desk....Apparently they were awaiting a Maintenance person to come and clean it up.... Unacceptable.... She sent email to the CEO a few weeks back and has yet to get a reply....


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