Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So here's what's up

We found out at Christmas that my husband got a new job, starting February 6, 3500 km away in Calgary! So... our house is up for sale, and meanwhile we have to find a place to live there.

The three of us flew out a couple weeks ago for a weekend and viewed about 20 houses. We saw one that we loved, but it had a couple of things that gave us pause - a preserved wood foundation instead of concrete, and it backs onto a golf course that has been sold to a developer - and there's no way of knowing what's going to be put in directly behind it. We've looked at the developer's website, which shows a neighbourhood full of trees and a green belt where the house backs on to - but anyone who's seen a developer's plan versus the reality of neighbourhood construction knows things can change and trees are often just a pretty fantasy. We contacted the City planner to find out if plans have been submitted, and the answer is no. The wood foundation is okay, if it's in good condition (life span of preserved wood is 98 years, concrete is 103) - but it has a stigma to it that can hurt resale.

We also took a look at a show home of a custom builder. Very nice - at $1.2 million bucks! The house we are considering building would be less than that! However, on discussing with the builder since then, there are all sorts of costs they keep adding on to the amount they initially proposed. It's kind of a rehash of our last experience with a builder, which was an ordeal we're not eager to repeat.

All that pause and hemming and hawing - we finally decided to put an offer in on the house we loved. I was so excited. It's truly a beautiful home. And... a couple hours before we could sign it, our real estate agent emailed to tell us the house has sold. It had been on the market since May, and suddenly it's gone. I'm so disappointed.

Meanwhile... my husband starts work in three weeks there, our house hasn't sold yet, we have nowhere to live there, and no real solid prospects for houses at this point.

Stress? Oh, my. I'm drowning in it.


  1. Can I join the house disappointment party? Our house is up for sale. We just accepted a conditional offer. I've been watching a house, waiting for ours to sell. The other house has been on the market for 125 days. It is now sold. BLAH!
    But as a firm believer that everything is allowed to happen for a reason - there will be more amazing houses for us yet...

  2. Could you do what many US military families do short term?
    YOu stay with the house for sale and he finds a cheap small rental near his new job??
    or you all move to a cheap rental near his job,leave the house furnished and pack up when it sells.. I know in the sTates, spring/summer is the best time to sell...houses are much harder to move in the winter

  3. Oh sorry, I remember how much you hated it here. Hopefully you find another nice home! Good luck :)

  4. Oh my! We're embarking on a very similar journey our self.... Hoping to read some good news from you soon! :-)

  5. That is crappy luck... BUT I totally believe an amazing house is waiting for you here in Calgary. Good things happen to good people, so an amazing house will present itself to you here in Calgary!

  6. Things always find a way to work themselves out in the end, but the not knowing what is going to happen is so tough.

    Good Luck!


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