Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The best toys

Just a quick post today to share Geek Dad's 5 Best Toys of All Time. I like it.

Mia is napping -:yay:- so I have a minute for a hot cup of tea and to catch up on my email. Hopefully it's not like yesterday's debacle, where it took me an hour and a half to get her to sleep and then twenty minutes later, a courier rang the doorbell, and the @#$ dog set off barking which woke her! Love the dog, hate the bark...

Don't forget to enter the two amazing giveaways I've got running now for my Canadian readers. I spotted the Sozo nap saks at Winners yesterday and they are SO fuzzy and cushy. Someone will be lucky to win one of those for their little one! And the Bright Starts toy looks super fun, I can't wait for Mia to open hers at Christmas, you can win one of those too!


  1. I read this. Too funny and too true! :O)

  2. That link is hilarious! And I entered into the toy contest by both my boys are out of sleep sacs now :( I have a scentsy contest you should enter! I say that because apparently they help kids and babies to sleep better (something about smelling a nice scent while sleeping) and I know a couple of moms who swear by them!

  3. Funny funny FUNNY! And, so true..... Boxes are favourite in this house..... many arguments among the kids about boxes.

  4. LOL I too love the dog, hate the bark...unless it's a scary looking dude:) Off to check out yourCdn friendly giveaways! I've got one going too!


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