Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teething - a question for you!

Mia is finally cutting her first tooth. It started two days ago, at a couple days past 7 months old. She's been fairly good with it, just extra clingy and a little extra whiny, but still in a happy mood overall. She's been wearing an amber teething necklace for ages (we've been expecting a tooth since we first saw little white dots 3 months ago). Whether it really helps or not, I'm not sure, but it is cute!

My question for my experienced readers is - does teething bring barfing? Mia got over reflux (finally) at about 5 months old, and hasn't really had a problem with bringing up since. However, the last few days she's been throwing up a few times a day and I'm not sure if it's related to teething or if it's what I've been feeding her, as she is eating more solids now.

Not to be too graphic here, but I got barfed on today. In the FACE. As in, I picked her up and held her up to my face and she promptly lost it on my face. Barf was coating and dripping off my nose and chin. I'm yelling, "I need HELP! Get a CLOTH!" and my husband is spending time looking for an appropriate cloth, saying, "what cloth?" (as if I cared - how about whatever's at hand and fast!). It was so gross.  When he saw me, he said, "Don't look in a mirror when you wash it off!" It was really that bad.

I haven't been keeping a food log for her, so I've made it hard to try to connect any particular food with the barfing. Or perhaps it's something I've eaten, as I'm still breastfeeding her often. I've also got a cold (getting more miserable by the hour) and although she hasn't shown signs of getting it, I guess she could have a version of it.

I'm not looking forward to the first big chomp during nursing! She's bitten down a couple times with just the razor edge of that tooth poking through the gums, and it hurts. I've read the advice to bring baby close when that happens, so she opens her mouth to breathe, but I guess I don't have big enough or squishy enough boobs or something, 'cause I haven't had luck with that. I've instead broken the latch with a finger.

Can't wait to see how cute she looks when the teeth are up and out! :)


  1. It certainly could be because of teething. You can expect more saliva and mucus which could fill up or irritate her stomach. Also it is common for teething babies to run a low grade fever.

  2. Yep, could be excess saliva, or just starting solids if she was already a reflux baby. A low grade fever can happen but most babies don't vomit or have other severe symptoms when teething so I would get it checked out if it continues and not just attribute it to teeth.

  3. I have never experienced vomiting during teething with my 4. Although all kids are different. Good luck with nursing when Mia gets her teeth.... I would nip it in the bud before she gets anymore teeth. Tell her NO anytime she bites down. Once she has her top and bottom teeth they'll be nothing more painful than the shearing action produced on your poor nipple.

  4. Hmmm, we are going back to basics with her food (banana, cereal, sweet potato) and going to add things slowly again to see if it's her food.

    We've been giving her infant Tylenol when she's had a mild fever (she's only been 98.9, nothing major at all) or been really whiny. Poor kid. It can't be fun.

    MummyDearest... shearing action... OUCH! you've frightened me! lol

  5. I would say it is probably a combination of being sick and then the teeth (but of course I could be totally off lol). My oldest didn't get teeth until he was 14 months. He had reflux and grew out of it at a year. But, when he would teeth (even up until 2.5 years) he would get extra acidy and spit up a bit. But never puking. It was more spit up with curdled looking chunks in it. Oh god, this is so sick. Sorry!! Motherhood is SO messy isn't it!!

  6. I've never had baby barf with teething however teething does some really weird things with tots so it could be. My doctor tells me teething doesn't cause fevers but what does he know? Both my little ones had low fevers with their teeth too.

    Chloe was a year before a tooth showed up! John got his about 6 months. He bit me a few times but babies are surprisingly smart. John figured out quickly that bit = no food! LOL.
    Good luck!


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