Monday, August 22, 2011

Winner: iQ Eco-Friendly Cleaners - and our holiday

Congrats to Londia for winning the iQ cleaner giveaway!

I am quite happy with the Rafflecopter format, it's easy for me to use as a blogger and I know as an entrant it's easy as well. I'd love your feedback on this format - did you like it?

We spent a really nice week in Tobermory with old friends (my best friend from high school and her family - I've known her 22 years, good grief!). Gotta love Ontario... it's so lovely here, especially once you get up into cottage country. We are dreaming of owning our own, but for now we rented a cottage.

Here we are relaxing on the deck - Mia all bundled up in a muslin blanket to keep off the sun, snoozing in a post-nursing daze. The weather was fantastic, warm and sunny with only one day of rain and hardly any bugs.

And this is one of my new favourite photos... her Daddy can always make her giggle!

Mia loves the water, even the chilly Georgian Bay temperatures didn't hold her back from splashing and hanging out half-submerged. She especially loved the Singing Sands park, which is fantastic for little ones as it's so, so shallow so far out, with warm water (it really is bathtub temperature) and fine sand. Highly recommended for tots if you're headed that way.

Mia had her 6-month appointment today (10 days late). She's weighing in at 18 lbs, 14.5 oz (95th percentile) and measures 71 cm (98th percentile). The weight gain is slowing down but she is still a big girl! Still going strong on breastfeeding and we've started introducing solids as well. She is such a joy. She cried so hard after the two needles (to the thigh... they made her bleed... oh, it's hard) but soon conked out and slept for 3.5 hours, her longest daytime nap ever. Poor little girl!

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