Thursday, August 4, 2011

Giant Baby

I bought Mia a 6 -9 month sleeper today and she is too big for it! I had a 2-3year (!) romper set aside, just for fun I tried it and she is rockin' it like it's 3/4 sleeve, going-to-the-flood style. 
I have a giant baby. Did I mention she's not 6 months until the 12th?!
excuse crappy webcam photo. lost my card reader somewhere...


  1. My babies were ALWAYS too big for the 'proper' age baby clothing..... but once they get past toddler/preschool they end up small

  2. Wow, she is even bigger than Sebastian was at that age, and he is gigantic!

  3. I love your expression, and I miss little, well, I mean, BIG Mia :)


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