Monday, May 2, 2011

Winner - Comfy Rumps! & Road trip pics

Finally! Sorry for the loooong delay. We spent four 12-hour days driving across the country with a 10-week old, a week trying to find a short-term, furnished, affordable place to live, and a weekend starting to settle in for the three-month stint here in Calgary.

The winner is....
A long-time follower and a super sweet person.

On the road, Mia spent a lot of time doing this (thank goodness):
Some time being entertained by Mummy and Superfrog:And, of course, some time doing this (we all felt his way at times - it was a LONG drive!):Are any of you in Calgary?

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  1. Oh, Hurray for me!! We'll certainly put it to good use!
    My cousin-in-law Rachel is in Calgary. She actually JUST had her first baby this past week. She blogs here:


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