Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy but I will be back

We have been spending the week enjoying our newborn. She's six days old now and has already surpassed her birth weight - she gained 11 oz in just the last two days! So you can imagine how much nursing I have been doing. Pretty much every hour on the hour for twenty minutes. And that means I'm not getting much sleep.

Thank goodness for my husband, who has been taking her out to nap with him on the couch for a few hours in the middle of the night so that I can get some much-needed rest. I just wake with every sound she makes (all those sleepy little chirps and sighs), so having her out of the bedroom and safe for a few hours makes all the difference.

By the way, breastfeeding? Ouch! The first couple latches we got weren't great because she was having trouble opening her tiny mouth wide enough. So I got a little damage within the first few hours and have not had a chance to heal. Then engorgement hit - oh. My. Goodness. Unbelievable agony. Thank goodness that is fading now. I can't wait for the day that feeding her is pain-free. It's not the latch now, by the way - we're good with that. It's just the engorgement and the damage from before.

A few people have asked her name - it's Mia, after my husband's grandmother.

I've got some more really great baby and mama products to review soon here on my blog. I've started using some of them already and am looking forward to sharing them with you.

One thing I wanted to mention is that one of the products I've reviewed in the past, the Tropical Traditions Powdered Laundry Detergent - and their Oxygen Bleach, too (links are to my reviews) - is AMAZING at getting blood out. I am so impressed.


  1. So happy to read an update! I thought engorgement was much worse than the birth, in my experience. Glad hubby is helping out and everyone is healthy and happy! Love the name!!!!

  2. She's so pretty, she looks like you!!!

    Ugh,'s hard to heal the damage once it starts! I had that with Ethan. Keep nipple cream on it and go topless all day if you can to let the air get to it. Forget the bra until they have a chance to heal completely. IF you need to put on a bra and go somewhere the Medela soft shells are a total life saver because it allows the air to circulate around the nipple, lets the milk drain into the cup and not keep your nipple wet so it can stay as dry as it can. I am going to buy more to have on hand this time around. Just can't live without them.

    I want to see more pictures on your next post :-P

  3. She's so beautiful! I love the name Mia, it's my sister's name. I had a lot of pain in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I hated to shower and had to sleep in my bra for ages. I bought the shower hug ( for my sister when she had her son she said it helped her. Sounds like you're settling in OK, try to sleep as much as you can and drink lots of water!

  4. Congratulations, what a beauty and that hair!!

  5. She is so precious! Thanks for posting...I can imagine how busy you are with Mia!

  6. Oh yeah, engorgement is the worst! I would fill the sink with hot water and lean over into it. Then express into the sink. Helped a lot! I also did cabbage leaves (you can google it) It should go away soon though!!

    How come you are nursing her every hour? Maybe try a soother if you want a bit of a break?

    And I totally understand how you feel about waking with all the sounds. It gets better with the second but it's still so hard to sleep. Chicken went to his own room at two months and Little Bear was 5 weeks because of it!

    And Mia - LOVE LOVE LOVE the name! She is so beautiful!

  7. The hourly nursing is just cluster feeding... she was doing it to bring my milk in. Now that the milk is in she is feeding a little less frequently (and with the engorgement, that decrease in feedings is killing me!!!)

  8. Oh, frequency of nursing will calm down a little soon and the two of you will settle into your own little routine.
    Enjoy these sweet baby days!

    Mia is a beautiful name and that photo is very sweet!

  9. She's beautiful and I love her name

  10. oh, congratulations, Emily and hubby! she is just beautiful, and that hair is fantastic.

  11. When you get time (hahahaha) can you tell us how the nursing bra you reviewed from You! Lingerie is holding up. Do you like it? I am looking at getting one, and it would be great to see what you think of it "in action"

  12. Katie,
    I unfortunately outgrew the bra from You! Lingerie once my milk came in! I wish I hadn't, as I think it would be my bra of choice. I am thinking of picking up another but meanwhile I'm just using some crossover sports bras that I picked up at Sears! Not nearly as pretty!

  13. Hello! Don't worry it will likely fit in a couple of months once everything "settles down" again.I went from a C pre-pregnancy to D during pregnancy, to a DDD, and now I am back down to a DD or so. I have ordered one cause they are just so cute, and will be doing a review on it once I get it at the end of the month.

    Little Miss Kate
    (Katie A)

  14. nearly 18 months later and still successfully nursing....CONGRATS xx


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