Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm full term. 37 weeks (and a couple days). Wow. I can hardly believe we made it this far after what we've been through in the last couple of years.

And now the waiting game begins... To think that she could "arrive" any time within the next 5 weeks is kind of disconcerting. Five weeks is a BIG window.

I am, and am not ready. We have the stuff we need (okay, I still need to pick up some arnica or witch hazel), and we've taken a prenatal class together. I've read a dozen books and have attended a breastfeeding class. I've watched countless birth videos and read birth stories that have brought me to tears. I'm starting to really feel uncomfortable, not only for sleeping, but walking and - well, just existing in general. The weight of the belly (and the lack of decent sleep) are taking a toll. I'm slowing down. I want my body back, though I'll surely miss the belly and the movement! In these ways, I'm ready.
But can anything really prepare you? Not only for the work and pain of labour and delivery, but for parenthood? And, can someone please pack my hospital bag, because I've been putting it off!

I have a pretty good idea of the kind of parent I want to be. I realize that there are lots of things that it's easy to say "never" to when you're not a parent, and then when reality hits and it's a question of your sanity or upholding the "never"... I know what I'll be tossing, and it's not my mental health (I hope). It is so easy to pass judgment on parents when you're not one... I've tried not to be that person but at the same time have caught myself thinking, "Wow, I don't think that's the way I would handle (whatever)." Hopefully I can take those lessons and apply them to my own parenting skills. Not that I'll be the perfect parent. I'm just as fallible as the next person.

I suspect that the main thing is to be flexible. I guess that applies to most of life - you need to adapt when things aren't quite what you expected.

For now, the not knowing is the hardest part.

WHEN will it happen?
Will I be able to handle it, or will I give in and beg for pain meds?
Will she and I make it through okay?
Will I ever sleep again?
What if, when we meet her, the name we've picked just doesn't fit her?
What if we get a major surprise and she is a he??!!!

So my questions for you are:

Any guesses as to baby's arrival date? My due date is February 2nd (according to ultrasound dating), or February 4th (according to ovulation). She's 2/5 engaged (that's not the station, just how far down her head is by palpation). I'm having more frequent and intense Braxton Hicks contractions, but no other signs of labour yet. I haven't had any internal exams, so no idea on effacement or dilation. It's my first baby.

Any sage advice you want to share?


  1. I am going to guess Feb 8th or 9th.

    Good luck!! And, your right about parenthood, it is all on the job training.

  2. Breathe-You'll be fine! My second child's b-day is Feb 8th, and he was due the 13th. Its funny how you can also remember the due date.

    Dont worry about the kind of parent you want to be, there is no handbook, (I think that is the problem sometimes ;) )

    For the first 6 months it wont matter anyways, you'll be so so blissfully busy with sleep, eat, and poop that you wont even have time to think straight. And the 6 months after that she is going to start moving around and you'll be busy baby proofing and trying to catch her!
    The next 6 months she is going to become aware of the "stuff" around her and she is try to eat, tear, throw in toilet, etc to everything in sight!

    Have fun! Good Luck! And talk about all of your feelings with your husband, they aren't mind readers, though it would be so much easier if they were!

    Remember to communicate with your partner.

  3. Were you born early? I was born a week early as a first born and when I told that to the doctor he told me, "first babies are very rarely early". My son was 11 days early!

    My suggestion if you want it to be earlier rather than later - plan a big night out for you and your husband! She's sure to arrive that morning LOL

  4. Thanks, girls!
    Robyn, I was 5 days late. Wonder what that means?
    My husband is convinced she's coming early!

  5. I'm due Jan 29th so I'm playing the same not-so-fun waiting game! My midwife says that on average first babies are born 8 days late. I am hoping mine comes early. I want my body back! :-) Hang in there!

  6. I was "late" with both my babies and figure I will be with this one too. Although the term "late" is silly to me; they arrive in their own good time!

    And you'll be a great mother. You'll do lots right and lots wrong but overall, she's going to think you're the best!

    Those last few weeks are horrible for trying to get a good nights sleep; try fit in a short nap if you can during the day. It will be a while before you get a good night's sleep again but you'll be so enamored with your new little bundle you won't mind :)

  7. When I hit 36 weeks I got so impatient, I tried to "induce" myself using all the cliche methods, such as eating spicy foods, going for long walks, massaging my nipples, using acupressure etc. :D Well, if you're wondering if any of these work, they don't, so don't even bother! :)

    My son ended up being nearly two weeks late. I went into labour and had him at home two days before I was scheduled to be induced at the hospital. Phew! I really hope you don't have to be induced! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your daughter arrives soon!

  8. Wow! How lucky you were, Nelly, to avoid the inducement. I have to say I hope she comes closer to her due date than to February 16th. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable!

    I've started taking Evening Primrose Oil, hoping that will kick start things a little. We eat spicy foods pretty often, so I can't imagine that having any effect.

    Catherine, good luck!!! 8 days late on average, huh? Wow. I would (will??) be going nuts waiting!

    Jenn, thanks for the nap advice - I've definitely been taking advantage of working at home and having the opportunity to take an afternoon nap if I need it. Considering that I'm up every 2 hours at night, I need it most days!

  9. Good luck! I was impatient around my due date and my daughter came before her official date. It was really exciting and terrifying. You'll be fine and so will she. Make sure you're bag is packed and you have food in the freezer :)

  10. Full moon tonight.. I'll pick tonight as my guess as to when!

  11. Tonight! Yikes! Could happen... no impending signs of labour as yet though!


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