Monday, December 13, 2010

Night light

We need a little night light - so that nighttime nursing is easier. Baby will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first bit, and I am hoping that the middle of the night feedings won't disturb my husband's sleep too much. I'd also like to be able to see, but not with a bright light that will be more of an awakening than either baby or I need.

Features that I'd like -

- relatively dim
- small, perhaps portable
- something I can easily and quietly turn off and on

I don't want the kind that plugs into the wall and stays on all night - just something small that can sit on my night stand or on the table beside the glider. My bedside table light is quite bright for reading and has a fairly loud, clicky switch on it. We have a Cloud B Twilight Turtle for falling asleep lighting in the nursery, which is very cool but not ideal for this purpose.

I have read that a red light actually doesn't trigger a light response in the brain, so that it's easier to maintain that half-asleep feeling and get back to bed without a full awakening.

I got all excited when I saw this:
Which is kind of perfect, no? Cute, but not branded, not too icky-sweet, and not girly. Fun, bright colours. Fairly small, touch to turn on. The only thing I don't love is that it's battery-operated, but I'm not sure what I would really expect as I do want something portable (a charging base, maybe?). The light is in the white 'stem' of the mushroom, so it's not really red (and hopefully isn't too bright).

I just bid on one on eBay :) Let you know how it goes! Even if it's horrible... well, it's only 1 cent plus $2.62 shipping!


  1. Cute light! Does it have enough light to change a diaper by? I would want something with more light than a traditional leave-it-plugged-in nightlight (at least in the very beginning) as newborns tend to poop either before/during/after they eat. :)

  2. Hm, THAT is a very good question! I guess I will find out! My husband did install a dimmer switch on the ceiling light in the nursery, so if it's not enough I can always turn that on low (though it clicks loudly to turn off and on).

  3. We just had a regular nightlight though this one looks really cute. Let me know how it goes, maybe I'll get one :) As for batteries...just use rechargables.

    Enough light for diaper changes is essential (as per anon. comment, my littles needed a diaper change after nursing every time for the first few weeks for sure!) but you don't actually need a whole lot of light though.

    When I was a first time mom, the best advice I was given was use a nightlight, don't turn on lights and don't talk to baby if you don't have to. It sounds weird but with both our littles were born, I followed it and both would nurse and go right back to sleep. They both learned to sleep through the night well and have never had bedtime issues...

  4. I just use a those salt lamps in Charlie room and it's enough light to change a dipe in the dark, plus I love the "qualities" of the salt lamp.


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