Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's new & fashion help, please?

So I know I haven't posted very much lately. It's been really busy around here. We are rushing to get all kinds of things done (eg, shed). Why the rush? Well... my husband's being transferred to Calgary for six months. He leaves on Sunday.

Whoa. It's kind of a big deal. I'll be staying here (although I may pop out to visit once or twice), and he gets to come home for three days every two weeks.
Luckily for him, he's got good friends out there and is looking forward to the work - a change of pace from what he does at work here. For me, things won't change too much, only it's going to be a little lonely. The dog will keep me company, though, and those bi-weekly visits I'm sure will make the time fly.

Last weekend we did a bit of traveling as well. I had some work to drop off to galleries, so we went out to Oakville, hitting Toronto on the way. While in Oakville, where I'd never been to before, we decided to take a walk down through some suburbs to the lake. It's really nice! The waterfront neighbourhoods are lovely. The downside is the nasty fishy smell from all the algae or seaweed (I'm not sure which) washed up on the Lake Ontario shore. And the geese, which are everywhere (and when geese are everywhere, goose poo is a walking hazard! Not only that, but they're hissy, mean creatures). That was our Friday adventure.

Then on Saturday, we drove down to Niagara Falls (the US side) for some cross-border shopping. We went to the 'Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls'. It was decent, but not as good as the outlet shopping in Baltimore we did last fall. I didn't get too much but my husband found some great deals on really nice clothes for work.

I did find a dress for a wedding we're going to - for only $40 - at Dress Barn. Believe me, I was not comfortable shopping at a store called Dress Barn. Can you think of a worse name? Ugh! Who wants to buy their clothes in a BARN for goodness' sake?! It was desperate times, after exhausting all the other possibilities at the mall, before we went in.

Anyway, most of the dresses were what I think of as 'old lady dresses', but I did find this nice navy blue empire waist dress. I think I will have to get a little shrug or something though, because the wedding we are going to is an older couple and I feel like it might be seen as disrespectful or inappropriate to wear a sleeveless dress in the church. Am I way off there? I'm not a church-goer myself, and most of the weddings I've been to are young couples. I'm not sure where this notion comes from that I need to cover my shoulders. The dress does have straps.

I have some ivory coloured heels that I was thinking to wear... maybe this short strand of pearls, too. So take a look and tell me... (obviously, I'll do my hair and I guess I'll have to wear lipstick, too, since I look awfully washed out in the picture without it).

Alternately I have some strappier and more current white heels like so:
which would maybe be better (?). The ivory ones I'm wearing at left are kind of old and although they are more comfortable, I think they're not as nice.

Ugh! I am just a jeans and tank top kind of girl... this dressing up business is not for me! So if you have advice on shoes, shrug, makeup, whatever, please share. Just be nice, yeah?


  1. We were just at a wedding and I was amazed at how casually people were dressed. I think a shrug is appropriate for the church and then take it off,if you wish. I had sleeveless on for the wedding and wore a shrug I got at Cleo on the sale rack. My sister loves the Dress Barn, she was just talking about going yesterday...they have a wedding in Niagara Falls this weekend.

  2. I think you look beautiful - that dress is perfect 'cuz it's timeless thus you can always make it current. I like both shoes, but if you are more comfy in the older ones I would definitely go with those. Nothing worse than wearing uncomfy shoes at a wedding.
    I've been MIA on Twitter & the blogosphere lately too... been missing ya (and all the fab ladies we 'know'!) hopefully we can help keep you company while your hubby is away.

  3. That dress is cool! I personally prefer the look of the white shoes, but I've liked that sort of style ever since I was little, so I'm kind of biased. :)

    As for wearing that dress in church, I once went to a catholic church in Venezuela with a Dutch girl who was wearing a dress that showed her shoulders (kind of like yours does) and the local priest told her off, so yeah, churches definitely have something against bare shoulders (not sure why.. too revealing, perhaps?).

  4. Pretty dress! I vote for the strappier shoes. And definitely a shrug (only because I *hate* to be cold, so I always bring an extra layer!).

    Good luck with your husband's assignment. Honestly, I think it sounds like it might be fun (more time to sew!), as long as you know it's only temporary. And at least you get those conjugal visits - I hope the timing works on those!

  5. As a person who goes to church 2 or 3 times a week(conservative baptist) I wear sleeveless sundresses on a regular basis to church and for every wedding I've been to.

    If you're more comfortable with a shrug (or even a scarf-like shawl) then go for it but I think the dress is lovely as it is. {Bra straps showing would be tacky though!}

    And I love strappy shoes!!


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