Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear 33,

We've been together for a year now and I feel like things just aren't really working out like I'd hoped. I know you tried hard, but there were just too many downs and not enough ups in our rollercoaster of a relationship.

I will try to remember the good times - our awesome trip out to the west coast of Canada, and our weekend jaunt down to Washington; you even came along for the anniversary trip my husband and I took to Mexico. But really, he's my travel partner and - sorry to be so harsh - I don't need you. I've been trying to think of what you've given me, and I realized that it's not really much of a haul: three new grey hairs, a little pot belly that is proving very difficult to get rid of, and a much more jaded outlook on life. Thanks a lot.

You disappointed me in too many ways - you know what I'm talking about. You were all full of promises and hope, but you let me down too hard. It was very cruel now that I think about it.

And don't think I haven't noticed your attention wandering to that fresh young thing who's winding down her relationship with 32.

I hate to have to tell you this way, but we're through. In fact, I've just met 34, and we have some big plans.

I may want you back one day (27, if you're reading this, call me), but for now I am ready to move on.



  1. All the best for your 34th, I hope you get all that you're dreaming for :)

  2. I remember 34....*sigh*....Wait until 42..there's a year to forget..*snort*. Happy B-day!!!

  3. Love this!! :) hehe... Happy Birthday girl!! :)

  4. Happy 34th BDay, Em! It truly gets better and better from here ;)

  5. Cool.. you and my grandpa share the same birthday. :)

    Happy birthday! Wishing you lots of happy moments that will help you quickly forget about the sad ones.. I hope all your wishes come true!

  6. Happy birthday! I am hoping 34 is good to you!


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